Mission Statement

Mezzo Dance Company is a community dance company, celebrating diversity and inclusion, in a safe, professional environment for children and young adults to learn, grow and be inspired to reach their goals and personal aspirations.

Our Vision

Mezzo Dance Company aspires to be a national leader in Dance and Acrobatics coaching, recognised for our professionalism, nurturing environment, and the success of our students and innovative faculty of staff.

Class policies and procedures

Fees and payments

Monthly invoices will be emailed out on the last week of each month. These must be paid in full by the first class attended. Any late fees will incur a £5 late fee. Any fees more than 10 days late will incur and additional £5 charge to cover administration costs.

Late policy

Please ensure you arrive to class 5 minutes prior to class start time to enable time for registration and entry. You must be ready to start the class at the allotted time.

Any dancer that may arrive late due to unforseen circumstances will need to warm themselves up individually, therefore taking time out the scheduled class to ensure safe participation.

All dancers must be fully warmed up before private lessons may be taken so please allow for this time when arriving. We have a duty of care for safe practise in our coaching and so will have to spend the time ensuring your child is prepared.

Dress code

MDC maintains a dress code to encourage safe practise, concentration and a sense of inclusiveness (variations in attire can be distracting or contribute to feelings of inequality). Uniformity in dancewear also allows teachers to assess how well students are implementing technique and other important spects of dance training.


Any MDC leotard, ballet socks or tights and ballet shoes.


MDC Uniform


Any dancewear (MDC preferred). Trainers must be worn.

Beginners & Mini Movers:

Any dancewear (MDC preferred)


Leotards or close fitted top with leggings or shorts. (MDC preferred)

Competition Squad:

Full MDC Uniform for all classes

To ensure health and safety is met during lessons, children should not wear jewellery, have their hair tied back off their face and should not be eating.

Collection and Drop off

For those parents/guardians not staying on site in our designated waiting areas children(under 13) must be signed in by an adult at our registration desk before left unattended. Any children over the age of 13 that does attend without an adult will need to sign the waiver on registration. No responsibility is held by Mezzo Dance Company for any child until the designated class time. Children on site in between classes are not the responsibility of MDC or the venue staff on site.


Any classes cancelled due to severe weather, illness or any other reason will be notified on email and social media. We will assess any situation and make a decision as early as possible. Please ensure all contact details are up to date to receive important messages. Any classes cancelled will be rescheduled or an alternative offered. If at your discretion, you can not attend classes, fees will not be refunded.

Attending other dance schools

We are always happy for students to participate in other dance and performing arts opportunities outside of MDC. However, we would strongly advise that students do not take lessons in the core subjects at other dance schools while attending MDC as this causes confusion for the child as the technique used may conflict. The core subjects are Freestyle, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Acro & Streetdance.

Freestyle competitors are under the ADFP regulations and so are unable to attend any other freestyle school. If your child is attending another dance school, we will need to be made aware as this may change their examination information. If your childs commitments to another dance school begin to conflict with the ethos of MDC, your child will be asked to consider their commitments with all schools and we are happy to support in this.

Illness and Injury

If your child is too unwell to attend classes or is too injured to participate, refunds will only be given with a doctors note. Injured dancers are still able to come and watch classes and learn in a safe environment.


If you are unable to attend any of the classes scheduled in the month, we can only amend invoices if given 4 weeks notice to do so. These will be amended within 24 hours of the automated invoices. You will need to log in to see the updated amount. If any classes are missed, you are welcome to attend any other appropriate classes, at any venue, as a replacement.

Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking

MDC operate a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, drugs and smoking. None of the above are permitted on site due to the hazards and health and safety of passive smoking, alcohol and drug use. All centres regularly hold activities which involve young children and we have a duty of care to protect the community in which we operate.

MDC Virtual classes

MDC offer online, virtual classes for those times when you are unable to make it to our scheduled classes. These are designed to be taken at home or in the garden. We recommend parent/guardian supervision during all at home classes. Mezzo Dance Company accept no liability for any injuries sustained at home.

MDC Competition Squad

Each member invited to join our competition team must read and agree to our Competitors code of conduct. Failure to do so may lead to suspension or removal from the elite team.

MDC Teaching staff

All staff at MDC are DBS checked, first aid trained and fully qualified. If you wish to see any of the qualifications or certificates please speak to school principles.

Health and Safety

Mezzo Dance Company takes seriously their responsibility to ensure the safety of their pupils. All pupils must complete a Registration Form when joining the school with clear information regarding emergency contacts and any relevant medical history.

A copy of emergency contact numbers will be kept on class registers.

  1. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school of any changes to their emergency contact details
  2. In case of a Fire emergency all teachers have a clear understanding of responsibilities. They must be understood by all following the procedures of the relevant centre.
  3. The School will undertake regular assessment of risks regarding premises hired and any concerns will be raised with the providers
  4. We are committed to ensuring all employees/volunteers are competent to do their tasks and to give them adequate training
  5. It is the schools responsibility to keep a fully equipped First Aid Box at all hired premises. In case of an incident an Accident / Incident report must be made
  6. If required the school will contact the emergency services first, then the parent / guardian of the student(s) involved by the telephone number on the class registers
  7. Parents understand that dance is as active as engagement as any sport, and whilst every effort is made to avoid them, injuries can happen. The school accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained via any means other than a teacher’s negligence
  8. Pupils will be supervised during class time only and parents / carers must ensure the safety of their children in the waiting, changing and toilet areas
  9. Students/parents or guardians should inform the teacher of any special health considerations or existing injuries before participating in class
  10. Parents must be responsible for ensuring your child’s punctuality. Teachers are not available to supervise late pickups. Students may be refused entry if they are continuously late for class as they are missing out on warming up safely for class
  11. Dress code must be observed at all times, especially footwear for safe dance practice. Only indoor dance shoes to be worn in the studio to protect the floor and for health and safety
  12. Pupils should not wear any jewellery that may pose a risk to themselves or others (stud earrings, and jewellery worn for religious or cultural reasons are acceptable)
  13. No food (or chewing gum) is allowed in the studio. Water or appropriate still drink is permitted in bottles.

Public Liability Insurance

The principal of Mezzo Dance Company has public liability insurance and the certificate is available if you wish to view.  Any locum teacher who teaches classes will be either covered via this insurance, or will have their own personal insurance.

Child protection and Safeguarding policy

MDC operates as a safe environment and the protection and safeguarding of the children in our care is paramount. We have an extensive safeguarding and child protection policy available to view at any time. All staff members are appropriately trained.

Photography and Filming

Photography and filming by parents or students during class is strictly prohibited. During events MDC may employ a photographer to take still images or video footage which is then made available for parents and students as keepsakes. The images may also be used to advertise MDC in differing forms of marketing including our website www.mezzodancecompany.co.uk. When registering to become a member of MDC, parents/guardians will be asked to complete a parental consent form to the use of images of children to sign.

Parents and spectators at events wishing to photograph or film the event are to be aware of the expectations which are explained in The Child Protection Policy.

Anti-bullying and anti-social behaviour

MDC operate a zero tolerance policy to bullying or anti-social behaviour in classes and all events.

Mezzo Dance Company states that any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, either within the Dance Studio or at any event/performance where MDC is being represented.

Unacceptable behaviour may result in the pupil’s exclusion from the school. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated off parents/carers or other family members and could result in parent/carers or family members been banned from events/performances.

Unacceptable behaviour includes – swearing, spitting, fighting and derogatory comments towards others.

Most importantly whilst at examinations/performances/events you are all ambassadors and representatives of MDC and we expect you to behave in a manner showing this.

You are encouraged to fully support your school and the dancers within it.

Should any issues arise that are a cause for concern, please let your principles know and we will deal with the situation appropriately.


If you are unhappy with the service provided, or wish to address an area of concern please contact your principles for an appropriate time to discuss any issues. Contact may be made through email on mezzodancecompany@mail.com


Outdoor Tuition

Parents/Guardians must remain on site, ideally in their car, if walking then at a safe distance. Social distancing rules will be in place for all private lessons and groups classes with clearly marked out areas for all. Hand sanitisation and temperature checks will be taken before class begins and hands sanitised after class on exit too. Dancers to arrive only 5 minutes before their allocated slot, and evacuate the area immediately after time slot is over. A risk assesment will be done on the area on arrival by staff members, but all outdoor classes are taken at dancers own risk. Parents\guardians to be aware that these are public places, and not for sole use of MDC. Dancers to dress appropriately for a public space. Mezzo Dance Company accepts no liability for personal belonging brought to an outdoor session. 

Registration, Entry and Exit 

Dancers to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of class time and  line up on the social distanced markers by the entrance door when called, parent/guardian to remain in the car within sight of the markers. Under 6s will need to be accompanied to the marker and stand in the parent markers. If walking there will be a marked out area to wait until dancers are signed in. There will be a seperate entrance and exit door, and all locations will have a one way system clearly marked. Temperature checks will be taken on entrance, if a dancer is over temperature they will be unable to attend classes so please do your own checks before travelling. Covid risk questions will be asked, and all hands will be sanitised on entrance and exit. There will be hand sanitisers all around the halls for use by all. Registers will be taken as the dancer enters, and there will be marked out spaces for them to put their personal belongings. All class queries to be emailed or called, there will be no information desk inside. Please see website for all information needed.

Exit will be one way, clearly marked and dancers will be excused one by one to parent/guardian. Pick up will be outside the building and your must not be late. If unable to guarantee exact pick up time, you must stay on site in the car park.


No cash payments will be accepted. All payments to be bank transferred or paid through Class4Kids online invoicing.


Uniforms will be posted directly to your house, no collection at classes.

First Aid

All staff members are fully trained in first aid, and have completed the COVID awareness course to recognise symptoms. Due to social distancing measures, first aid will be administered differently. Plaster application would be guided by our staff, but applied by the dancer. Ice packs will be sterilised and again applied by the dancer, not first aider. If more substantial first aid is required full PPE will be worn for administration. As always if medical assistance was required an ambulance would be called. 

Suspected cases

All staff will be trained to notice COVID symptoms and take temperature checks. Any dancer feeling unwell in any way should not attend class. Any dancer that has been within 6 feet of a confirmed case should not attend classes for 14 days. Any dancer that has a fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, body ache, headache, new loss of taste or smell or sore throat should not attend classes for 14 days. All classes will be online still, so any isolating dancers can still take part so no refunds will be given. 

If you or a family member is confirmed to have COVID 19, you must let us know immediately. We will then assist with track and trace to all families necessary. Mezzo Dance Company accepts no responsibility for any Covid related illnesses.

Social Distancing

Mezzo Dance Company enforces a strict social distancing policy in all classes, entrance and exit. Please respect staff members in ensuring this is abided by, any dancers or parents who are unable to comply with social distancing rules will be unable to attend physical classes, and can participate online. All spaces will be clearly measured and marked for dancers to take part in, leave belongings in and arrive and register within.


All spaces will be disinfected, cleaned and sanitised before and after each class. A complete hygiene checklist will be completed each time. Toilets will be cleaned after every use. Hand sanitiser will be available at all times and we will promote good hand hygiene. Dancers will use their own equipments so no sharing of mats, bands, weights or drinks.

There will no contact from dancer to student, student to student.





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