We hope you are all well and have all had a lovely day!

Thank you for all of your lovely messages about our virtual classes and live classes, we are so glad you are all enjoying them!
We are super excited to announce that due to the huge success and feedback from our LIVE classes we have been running for our competition team, as of next week we will be offering these to every style of dance we offer here at MDC.
Our LIVE classes are taken on ZOOM and allow for teacher/student interaction and live corrections while teaching as well as the chance for your children to interact and talk to their dance friends in our virtual classroom.
To make it as easy as possible for you all, you will receive an email at 9am with a clear link to click which will take you directly to the online classroom. Its as simple as that!
Please note the LIVE classes will be in addition to 4 week virtual calendar we gave you all, meaning for every class you take at MDC you will receive:
-1 pre recorded class
-1 LIVE class
-1 homework sheet
-1 fun activity sheet
plus some extra bonuses for all the family to enjoy.
There is no extra cost for these live classes, just added fun, training and interaction for your children.
April Invoices will be out tonight, and as previously mentioned these will be 50% off for you all, but with no deduction in content. Please note the class times listed will match the LIVE classes scheduled.
Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask, we are here to help you all!
Adam and Kirsty xx