So we know travel is very difficult at the minute, so we thought why not bring the culture and fun of other countries to you! Our first Around the World week here at MDC and we can’t wait!

Each day we take you to a different country, give you a recipe to try at home with the family, bring you an extra FREE class in a style of dance originated from the country and enjoy the love of dance worldwide! Dress in the colours of the flag and learn through the love of dance.

All additional classes will be available to join on the website as always, in our Virtual Family Portal tab. They are open to EVERY MDC Member!

On Friday we also have another BONGOS BINGO and its BRAZIL day, so dress in the colours of the flag, win some cash and have a fantastic night in! Cash PRIZES and fundraising for the school all in one. To buy a bingo card, head over to the website shop to get yours…

See our full weeks plan here: MDC AROUND THE WORLD