MDC were all READY!

MDC were all SET!!

And boy did MDC GO!!!

WOW what a weekend we have just had. The weekend of 4th – 6th of October Adam and Kirsty took 20 of the MDC students to the Glasgow 2019 International Dance championships. With a long journey and many trophies to be won this 3 day event defiantly got us all excited. The Event took place at the world famous Barrlowland Ballroom run by Dancelines Events.  MDC pushed themselves to the absolute limits and the results came out on fire. 

We achieved…

7 Winners!

14 Podium Places!

23 Places in the finals!

It was a incredible weekend the standard of everyone involved was out of this world! Freestyle is so special to us and weekends like this the bar just gets higher. At MDC we pride ourselves in giving the best training, time and energy into our students, they always come first and to give them opportunity’s like this is amazing for us. These Fantastic results have truly shown every bit of practise up until this point! Glasgow International Championships 2019 you have been a blast! We are so proud of every single student involved. We love MDC! Bring on Chester this weekend!!