Hey Mezzo goers! As the dark and cold nights are spookily upon us. We want to make sure you are all taking care of your bodies to prevent injuries and Illness. See below for 3 top tips. 

  • KEEP WARM. Although it can get hot & Sweaty in Dance class you still need to keep your muscles warm so when arriving, leaving and moving in between classes we need to keep these extra layers on. This will stop us getting future injuries. We suggest hoodies, jogggers or maybe even your dressing gown! 
  • STRECH. Keep up all those stretches at home especially after class to improve your flexibility and also to stop any long term injury’s. Make sure your body is WARM before stretching as cold muscles can seriously get damaged in stretched.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS. Washing your hands is so important as it gets colder more and more of us get ill and in the dance classes there is a lot of coughs and colds flying around so make sure your washing your hands before and after class and of course the same applies in the bathroom!