Yes! Here it is! MDC now have their very own blog. Each week we will post something fun and light hearted for all to get involved in! We love to keep you updated on all the cool things we have going on here at MDC and we want everyone to share the love we have at our school.

First Post 2 truths and a Lie!

Below we have four lots of 2 truths and a lie can you guess where the lies are?

Let us know in the comments below and we will announce the fibs and winners next week!


  1. MDC has 7 teachers on the faculty!
  2.  We have 3 centres open in the Midlands
  3.  Mezzo Dance Company first opened in 1979!


  1.  Adam’s favourite food is fish pie!
  2. Kirsty’s favourite meal is a roast dinner!
  3.  The Last take away Adam and Kirsty had was a Chinese! MMMM!


  1. Adam and Kirsty received Best Breakthrough Professionals 2018
  2.  MDC have done a total of 21 Competitions so far in 2019
  3.  MDC was voted the Best Dance Company in Birmingham 2019


  1. As well as Contemporary, dance teacher Danni loves Yoga and meditation!
  2.  Ballet teacher Laura used to be an acrobat!
  3. Street dance teacher Ronke originally trained as a Latin dancer.